Top Pirarucu Secrets

Pirarucu fishA minimal fifty-gallon aquarium is suggested. This fish is likewise an important protein source in the diet of individuals living along the river, but big pirarucu have become less common in some regions, due to overfishing.

Pirarucu fish obviously takes a huge tank because of their large size. This fish have large scales. Quiet often, it’s deceptive and this is the point where an angler should be careful. Man-made fauna is advisable.

The common look of the fish scales stays the same. Each pearl skin has many large pearls in the center location. The skin doesn’t have a pearl structure.

The skin of the Amazon pirarucu has a totally various surface compared to the ordinary fish leather. Fish skin is an uncommon sort of leather. The skin texture is quite irregular. It can be dyed in various colors.

The Argument About Pirarucu

Pirarucu western bootsBecause of contemporary fishing, this fish was close to extinct. With regulation that was put in place on time, we manage to make sure this won’t happen. Just few short years later, pirarucu is not on the list of endangered animals.

Leather out of this fish is often used for footware because it’s strong and lasts for ever. Today is often used for western boots that can be very expensive. Are they worth the money? They sure are.

They do need a little bit of care. Since this leather is quite hard, it needs to be oiled from time to time, otherwise it might crack.

All you need to do is to get any leather care kit and oil it from time to time (just follow kit instructions).