Mr & Mrs Potato head adult costumes

When it comes to looking funny, what can be better than a cute Mr & Mrs Potato head adult costume? There is an age old saying “Laughter is the best medicine”. If you believe in this and want to take its meaning to a whole new level, then look your hilarious best this Halloween.

Mr and mrs potatohead

Halloween is all about letting your hair down and having loads of fun. So, go ahead and dress yourself up in a funny costume that will tickle the funny bone in everyone.

The costume can fit everybody, so anyone gets a fair chance to be the center point of the party. The costume includes a potato tunic and detachable male eyes, male nose, mouth, and mustache.

For ladies, the costume includes a tunic, female eyes, nose, and lips, along with a hat. To look your funniest best, wear this costume to make a perfect Mr & Mrs Potato head couple and rock the party.

This cute and adorable costume would certainly make heads turn at the party. If laughter is the best medicine, what can be better than spreading it amongst everybody? Be the life of the party; make everyone laughs with your Mr & Mrs Potato Head look.