Car stereo reviews – Buy the best for the money

Replacing factory installed or any old car stereo can add to your stereo quality and performance. When buying new car stereo you have to know that not all of them are made equally. That’s why we made this car stereo reviews to make your choice easier. Before we move to car stereo reviews, let’s see what you need to know about stereos before you get one.

Here are some tips you should consider when buying a new one. Car stereos some in different sizes, so check installation specifications and dimensions. Otherwise, can happen that car receiver won’t even fit in your car dashboard. Also, check overall unit design and style and make sure it goes well with your car interior.

And most important, check car stereo features. Best ones will be loaded and will be mp3 compatible, Bluetooth ready, have front panel aux input, detachable front panel, USB port and remote control. If you are not familiar with this specifics, ask car audio & video store expert to explain it to you.

Boss Audio 840UBI Review

Boss Audio 840UBI

Boss Audio 840UBI has an impressive maximum output power of 4x80W. This is much more than most of the car stereos receivers have. But this is not his only quality. This car stereo receiver is able to play CD’s, MP3s, and is Bluetooth-enabled, but not HD Radio or satellite radio. If you’ll look for information on manufacturer site, you might have a problem finding and using information. Boss Audio 840UBI have a really nice slick design.

Alpine CDE-102 Review

Alpine CDE-102

Alpine CDE-102 also has a nice design, but that is not his only good feature. This car stereo receiver can play MP3s, CDs and it can connect to your cell phone using Bluetooth technology, however, it won’t work with HD Radio or satellite radio. Its maximum output power of 4x50W is not especially impressive, it’s pretty standard. If you are looking slightly better model, then take a look at Alpine CDE-122, which can be bought at many online stores.

JVC KD-A615 Car Stereo Review


JVC KD-A615 is beautifully designed and have a standard maximum output power of 4x50W. What I like about JVC KD-A615 car stereo is that you can play a variety of music in your car. You can play your CD’s, listen to FM radio, hook up your MP3 player to the USB port or to the audio jack. Just in case this is not enough for you, you can also hook up with your phone through a Bluetooth connection. This car stereo receiver is also ready for HD radio and satellite radio without any additional accessories.

I hope you enjoyed our car stereo reviews. We tried to provide you with our unbias opinion the best way we could.